Trousseau Or Not To Trousseau?


We all grow up dreaming about our weddings! What I never fantasized about was running between stores and trying to buy outfits that is supposed to be with me to take to my new home.  Call it trousseau or any other fancy name, I still think this is a form of “Dowry”!!! ooooooooooooooh ya I used the forbidden word.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against dowry, we also have it in Iran.  It is just the way it is done here that I have a problem with.  In Iran, the groom is supposed to buy or rent a place for his new bride to move in.  So after that place is picked (this usually happens before the wedding), the bride furnishes her new home! Wether more money is spent or not, I am sure it differs case to case.  However, it is definitely less trouble.  You visit furniture shops, appliance shops and etc, pay, and they deliver!

Now let’s look at Indian style, you have to accumulate as many little and big things as you can.  For months going from store to store, shops, exhibitions, designers to pick clothing.  Then starts the shoe, purse, make up and more shopping. Oh and when everything is purchased, you are still not done! Now you have to spend more time and money into packing them!

Personally, and I mean no disrespect to any culture, but I think the few months before the wedding should be devoted to the bride to be to relax! All the stress and running around doesn’t do well for the hair and skin!  And believe me, everything is stressful unless you have so much money that you just go to the best designer drop the cash and tell them to make all your clothes!

Please Please Leave me your comments (Encourage me through my Trousseau shopping ;-))



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    • Hey,
      True! But with Trousseau we are not talking about one day! Apparently, you purchase many many clothes so that it lasts you for a while after the wedding rather than purchasing it later on as needed! Like I see girls so stressed to collect more and more and take with themselves!

  1. So my husband isn’t Indian and could frankly not care about a ‘trousseau.’ He found it funny girls go around buying, buying, and piling up suitcases of ‘stuff.’ He’s like, why can’t you buy it after you’re married?’ I said, ‘duh, that would be rational thing to do.’

    My parents are Indian and my mom was under pressure to have one for me. Since 1) we don’t live in India; 2) don’t have many occasions (okay, only once a year) to wear indian clothes; 3) don’t care for it, we ended up not really doing anything and I told Mom it’s cool to skip it.

    Instead, Mom and I organized all my saris and chenia cholis in the dresser along with my jewelry (scattered everywhere). Now we know where everything is. It also helps that I’m only kid so I’m free to steal her clothes whenever I want too 🙂

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