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To Wed or Not To Wed!



No, believe me, it is not what you think!  We haven’t had a fight and I’m not talking about getting married.  I am Microsoft Excel fanatic, I use it for everything. I even use it to plan a regular simple dinner for two.  So obviously, I have my excel all set up for my wedding planning. The way I plan it is, I have a total fixed budget which is distributed amongst different categories such as clothing, jewelry, actual wedding and etc.  My goal so far has been to have cash leftover to save it. Blame it on my few years working as an accountant or actually working hard and valuing the money.  The problem is, saving cash is not easy when you have a limited budget and you want the best 😦 . So I was thinking, maybe we should do all or nothing. Maybe it is smart not to have a wedding at all and spend the entire money on purchasing a property no matter how far or how small.  So many people say that anything in Mumbai or surrounding neighborhoods will appreciate.

The other option is not to be very smart, go with my heart and spend all the money on the wedding.

So I discussed the options with my fiance.  Both of us are studying and analyzing the options!

So I want to know what you guys think! Please take my poll.  



Japanese Hot Pot aka Shabu-Shabu



So a dear friend of ours invited us over for Shabu-Shabu last night.  I really enjoyed it so I wanted to share and tell you more about it.  So simply said, Shabu-Shabu is a hot-pot meal that you make yourself at the table, sort of like fondue but different.

First you should decide what you want to make, seafood, chicken, lamb, noodles or vegetable. For some vegetarian options you can also use tofu and vegetable dumplings. Or it could be all of them together as we did!

Then the main thing becomes your soup base. It could be as simple as boiling water in the hot-pot and adding vegetable cubes or chicken stock cubes. You could use ready soup bases from grocery stores.  You can boil water and add some veggies. So it all depends on you and how you like it! After the soup base is ready you let it simmer.  This is when you are ready to add your thinly sliced meat to the hot-pot.  You simple put them in and wait for them to be cooked. Depending on what you are cooking time is different.

After your meat is ready you take it out with chopstick and enjoy it with a side of noodles, rice or veggies!  You will also need dipping sauces that you can purchase from stores, some good options are soy sauce, chilli sauce and sesame sauce.

I have to say Shabu-Shabu is very healthy and tasty! I hope this encourages you to check out some recipes and try it.

Let me know how it goes!