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Well I should say another visit to two jewelry stores.  First store we went to were absolutely ridiculously expensive.  Their sets were not even close to our budget, everything was oversized.  I really don’t understand the purpose of buying something that you would wear once and then you have to lock up in a safe.  There was one hoop earring with diamonds that after a discount of 1 lakh would come to 4.4 lakhs.  For some that may be nothing, but let’s put that into consideration. 4.4 lakhs is approximately $10,000.  Believe me it didn’t look like a $10,000 earring.  Then I finally liked a set. A very delicate one with detachable pendant.  It was 40 Lakhs. You must be kidding me! With the current state of economy you could buy a flat for that price in U.S.  Makes you wonder! Is it really smart to spend that much on a set? I guess the answer is, if you have it and there is no pressure, why not!!  Then we went to another store, I saw a wedding ring a round 1.28 carats for 6.5 lakhs. Don’t know if that is within the budget or not! I was only told to take a look so I can get an idea!  At the first store we were told that the 4.4 lakh earring is an award winner piece and we won’t be able to find anything remotely close to it. Guess what?! In the second store, we found the exact same earring in a rose gold finish, only smaller. So much for not ever seeing anything like it! I saw a choker also that was about 29 lakh but was told it could be done in a smaller version.

I don’t know how much is a lot! Let me know what you think, how much do you think is reasonable to spend on your wedding set?!


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  1. My wedding set is HUGE, there are actually two.. one for the actualy wedding ceremony and another for the reception. Both are around 5-6 lakhs.. and they are this cheap because we know the makers personally. You HAVE to know jewelers in Mumbai personally to get a good deal. They literally knock the price off in half if you know them!

    Also the wedding set break up into three different sets, so that makes it a three set thing for my trousseau.. 😀

  2. Oh cool, So I thought that one set (the reception one) should be purchased by the groom’s side. Is that so? Anyways, what I decided to do was while I visited Iran I bought smaller more practical mini-sets. Then for my ceremony my parents will give me a set for around 5/6 lakhs. But my set for 5/6 lakhs won’t be as huge because there are no huge sets in Iran 😉 I did think about making a set here but it is not that easy to transfer money to India. Anyways, then the reception set comes from groom’s family for me which is suppose to be huge.
    So when is your wedding?!

  3. My wedding set came from my nanniji. My other nanniji (who passed away before the wedding) left me a necklace that I used as well.

    The rest of my jewelry was fake or things I collected over the years.

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