Indian Wedding Preparation 1


Hi Everyone,

As I’m planning my own wedding, I am learning a lot too.  So for those of you who are not familiar with an Indian wedding I give a little info based on what I have learned so far.  An Indian wedding preparation is not only picking out the venue, food, guest list and your dress.  There is a whole preparation going on as what to take with you when you are moving to your husband’s home.  Being from Iran, I’m used to this concept though I have to say Iranian concept is much less complicated. In Persian weddings, you furnish the apartment your husband to be has rented or purchased for the two of you to start your life in.  In an Indian wedding you could take anything which is for yourself and for the house and the family. Most common items are bags of clothes, shoes, purses, make up as well as dinner set, Jewelry, gold and anything valuable.  Some also purchase gifts for the groom’s family the extend of which depends on your financial status and ability.  When you move, you obviously take your own belongings that you already have, but you have to also purchase all these new clothing and accessories.

And these purchases are the complication. In addition to financial burden, there is so much effort put into picking the best outfits.   There is no upper limit to what price range and how many pieces to get. Someone told me it’s smart to go with lucky numbers for example 11 sarees, 21 casual outfits and etc.  I personally think it is a good idea and I may do 7,11,21.

Let me know if you are also in the process of putting together your “truzzo”!!

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